So sleepy...

Lydie's first manicure!

Then it's off to the bath!

And finally, Tigger robe! Life is good.

More pink!

"My Aunt Kim and Uncle Zac have such good taste in clothes!"

"You want to wake this baby, you gotta go through me."

Perhaps that crib wasn't really necessary.

Visitor Day!

More vistors!

"Are all these people really coming to see little ol' me?"

Why is it the father of the one-year-old looks so much more rested than the father of the one-week-old?

Lydie Bug can sleep anywhere!

Her very first bad hair day. And she's still the cutest thing ever.

"Didn't I just have a bath last week?"

"I'm a Tiger! RAWRRR!"

Hangin' with Mimi

Heart-to-heart talk with Mom

"Hey Baby!"