Grandma gives her the once over...

Little Lydie May, just 3 hours old.

"Oh could you PLEASE warm that thing up a little?"

24 hours later, at least one of us is getting some sleep...

Her first bath

"Listen, sorry about all that kicking..."


Mimi and Jackson and one big yawn!

Three generations of Helfrich's

Grandpa KNOWS how to hold a baby

The closest thing to a smile Daddy can coax out of me. (So far!)

So cute, Daddy almost can't take it!

"Daddy got tired of all my green and yellow clothes, so he went shoppin' for me today!"

"Oh Mommy and Daddy and their photo shoots!"

"A Daddy makes a perfect pillow."

"Hangin' at my crib!"

"Up all night, sleep all day, I'll get it straight someday."

Pretty flowers, prettier girl.

Daddy's Valentine to Lydia Mayme

A sleepy little Valentine

We think Grandpa might be smitten!

"zzzzzzz... go tigers... zzzzzzzz..."

Lydia Mayme Helfrich

A little nap in her sunbeam

Snuggled up with Miss Betsy