Ladies and gentlemen, Princess Lydia Helfrich! We finally made it to Medieval Times.

"Hey, where'd you get that hat?"
"You don't worry about where I got this hat!"

There are definitely gypsies in this palace.

This is Lydia hiding under her mother. This is where she spent the first five minutes of the show.

This is Lydia screaming, "Finish HIM!" It didn't take her long to get into the show!

Fun fact: they rarely used sippy cups in medieval times.

"There's horses and princesses, I don't want to ever leave!"

"There's food, I don't want to ever leave!"

Della cheering on our knight.

She was not pleased with his performance.

The Wisconsin Dells!
The waterpark capital of the world. And with all that water, this is the only time I pulled out the camera.

Della tearing it up in our motor home. Surprisingly, we got our deposit back...

"I want that cow!"

"I'm not even as tall as one wheel!"

Lydia taking fire from someone's water gun.

"Hey! Can someone get this kid a swim diaper?"

Mayme Ledvina and Lydia Mayme Helfrich.

A whole gaggle of Ledvinas
(and Roaches, and Drums, and Helfriches, and Rosis, and Stelmachs, and Mendelsohns)

Getting two littles ones to cooperate for a picture is no easy task.

"Hey! Where was I when they were giving out lollipops?!?"