"Ahh summer..."

Slippin' and Slidin' with Amelia

"This is thirsty work!"

Reading with Jake

She's winding up in the stragest places.

And finding humor everywhere!

Lydia Helfrich and the stars of Willy Wonka, Delaney and Jake.

"Come on Uncle Art, see if we can hit mach 1!"

Lydie and her baby.

She's so silly.

Oh, does she love that bear!

"Listen, we got a new puppy who likes to chew, you guys be careful out there!"

Did I mention she loves the bear?

There was one warm day this summer, and Lyida made the most of it!

"Ahh, sprinkler water..."

No time for bathing suits!

She's just the sweetest thing ever.

"Hey Mommy, come on in, the water's fine!"

"Okay, it's a little cold..."

"Here's a kiss to warm you up!"