We're so thankful to have such a happy baby.

But we're terrified when she does this!

This is a startling sight when you walk into her room.

Gameday Lydie!

Danny is one of many new people Lydie will meet at the tailgate.

The infamous Rob and Smoltz.

Ahh, here's a familiar face.

Lydie and Aunt Jenny give their thoughts regarding Michigan's chances against Utah.

Sue shows Lydia the ropes of tailgating..

After a few minutes, Lydie was an old pro.

"Can someone help me open this? No? Okay..."

"It can't be that hard, I've seen Daddy do this plenty of times."

Tailgates are fun, and exhausting.

After her nap, the Baby Whisperer Rob got Lydie smiling again.

Kristen takes her turn holding the Bug.

And Abbie.

Lydie even learned to slap five.

"What? They need someone to take over the grill? I'm there!"

Just try and spoon-feed a baby without opening your mouth. It's impossible.

Miss Helfrich hanging out at Aunt Jenny's birthday party.

Singing and candle-blowing was brand new to Lydia, as you can see.

The Bug and her Aunts.

Lulu, Lydie and Aunt Jenny.

As I said before, we're so blessed to have such a happy little girl.