The perfect fall...

Let's try this again.

The spirit of a cheerleader, the legs of a lineman.

That's my girl.

Hail! Hail! To Mich-i-gan!

Those teeth are getting taller.

"Those smudges on the glass? I think the dog did that."

If it's two feet tall, she'll use it to stand.

"You run toward the ottoman, fake to the TV, and I'll hit you when you turn to the couch."

"Who's got the ball now, Lola?"

Oh she's so pretty.

"Daddy, do goats bite?"

Mommy points out the baby pigs.

Another perfectly executed fall.

And back up again.

"How could they lock us in here on such a nice day?"

"We'll find a way out."

"It's a screen, how strong could it be?"

"Oh come on, release the Ann Arbor 2!!!"

"Dang. Wanna just play inside?"

"It's easy to tell the days Daddy dresses me."

Check out those teeth!

The Bug.

Hat on backwards. Belly hanging out. That's so my girl.

"Hey Mimi, nice bling!"