"I took a nap this morning with my monkey. I think she was down in the jungle room all night!"

"I really like this place!"

"This is the room where I watched Blue Hawaii with Daddy. The plot left something to be desired."

"But now it's finally time to go see Graceland!"

"Okay, I get it. He won a lot of gold records. Can we eat now?"

"This is Interstate Barbeque where I had my first taste of meat ever, pulled pork. Daddy cried again."

"Mommy had ribs, barbequed spaghetti, and a pulled pork sandwich.
She shared some with Daddy and me. This Jim Neely guy sure can cook."

"At our next hotel, they had real live ducks in the fountain!"

"I even got a new duck watching hat."

"I have to say, I prefer ducks to horses at this point in my life."

"Mommy and I got some great seats to watch the ducks march off to bed."

"Ahh... as Steve Martin once said, 'Ducks, wonderful ducks.'"

"Hey... goodnight ducks."

"Daddy and I went to the roof to look for more ducks. I hope they have them in Nashville tomorrow."