"I love hotels! Except when Daddy jumps on the bed."

"This is how I pass the time during the long drives."

"Here we are at the Churchill Downs. I met a horse that actually ran in the Kentucky Derby!"

This lawn jockey is repainted every year to match the winning jockey's silks.

"After the Churchill Downs, we came here. It was the first time I saw Daddy cry since the day I was born."

"I got to taste the mash. In six years, this will be Maker's Mark."

"I'm glad Daddy was holding me. Otherwise, he may have dove right in."

Standing next to the two-story mash barrels, which came up through the floor.

"These ladies dip the bottles into red wax. They offered to trade Daddy a bottle for me. He said no."

"Here's the finished product. It was full-bodied, and I detected notes of caramel and vanilla."

"Finally we got to Memphis. This is the Burnin' Love Suite at the Heartbreak Hotel.
I don't know what any of that means."

"Wouldn't this look cute in my room!"

"This Elvis guy must have had a great decorator!"

"I think I'd like a bed like this at home..."

"I better get to sleep. Graceland is tomorrow!"