This is Daddy's girl.

She's a climber now.

"Oh Lola, your cuticles are a mess..."

Lola may be the most patient and gentle dog ever.

The Bug

Mobbed by fans.

Hanging out with Lulu and Bella.

And Mimi.

The dancing girl.

Shakin' that baby butt with Livvy, Mimi and Mommy.

"Hey you're scratching your collar! This is why your nails are such a mess!"

Mommy knows how to do hair!

Off to the zoo. "Hey Amelia, is that milk? Let me get a sip of that!"

Uncle Zac leads the way.

I don't remember exactly what we we're looking at here, but given her focus, it was probably ducks.

Amelia and Lydia check out the meerkats.

"Vrooom! And Lydia Helfrich takes the corner on two wheels to win the race!"

Daddy gets a face full of Portuguese Water Dog.

One of these puppies will be ours.

"Oh I hope it's this one!"

Down to Austin, Texas. "Pretty decent barbeque!"

Lydie and Uncle Craig.

And Uncle Joe.

And Uncle Bob.

And Great Grandma!

Back at the hotel, Lydie lets it all hang out. Ice cream with Mommy!

"Oh sweet heavens this is good!"

Ummm Lydie, you dribbled a little bit... right... never mind, we'll get that tub going.

"Wow are you pretty!"

"How about a kiss?"

Time goes by far too quickly...