That's our girl. Four months old today.

"I don't know Grandma, that story sounds fishy."

She's just starting to laugh; and, it's a sweet, sweet sound.

Grandpa must be working out to lift this girl. Check out those legs!

We think she's kinda cute!

"I'll say one thing about grandpas, they are funny! "

"Oh Father, I do so enjoy the peony garden. "

Me & my gal.

Grandma and Lydie fight the sun.

Rolling around on the lawn at the Arb.

Mommy and Lydia. In the shade, of course.

Suddenly tummy time is really enjoyable!

Lydia Mayme Helfrich practices her Class of '26 senior picture pose.

"Why Daddy, your and Mommy's peonies are every bit as pretty as those snooty botanists. "

"Pumpkin huh? Then where's the big orange part? "

Her first visit to Lydia's Vineyard.

"Hmmm... do tomato plants like it when you pull their leaves off?"

"sniff sniff... hey not bad."

"Hey, slowpoke. Let's go, open up! "

"Daddy says I'll eat apples and plums off these trees some day, whatever those are. "

"Yeah, well... you don't smell so great all the time either, dog! "