Deep within Daddy's office lurks the Caped Avenger... "mwuh ha ha ha!"

The Bug

"I'm telling you, Daddy, her ball's not over here. Turn me around!"

Lydie's first morning in Old Mission.

"Come ON, Daddy. You're not blowing fast enough!"

"Okay, now, don't make me look silly!"

"He made me look silly, didn't he?"

"Hey. Why's the water level dropping?"

Swimming pools are like baths, but colder, and with bigger towels.

The beach is where you find the pretty girls.

Swimsuit season kind of snuck up on Little Miss Helfrich.

"A hammock? I like it!"

Four in a hammock.

Lydie soon discovers the real purpose of a hammock.

"Come on, Daddy. Follow me to the beach!"

Bonding time with Grandma...

...and Grandpa!

Vacation seems to agree with her.

"Oh my GOSH, that thing has sillier hair than ME!"

Lydie scoffs at local decency laws, and several rules of fashion.

"Whoa, is that the cops?! Someone hand me a diaper!"

Lydia Mayme Helfrich catches some Old Mission rays (with like, SPF 50, of course).

Even up north, morning is happy time.

Hanging with Daddy at the Sidetrack Grille.

"Is the halibut fresh?"

Yep. That's my daughter.

Lydia and Maeby are great friends. Maeby really adores her.

Lydie's cousins shower her with five-month birthday presents.

Cute as a bug, indeed!