A Lydie puppet show is not to be missed.

And you have to see her dance!

She's got amazing eyes!

Did I mention the eyes?

She loves her bath toys from Mimi!

"This seems like a good idea."

"Almost there..."

"I did not think this through..."

After breakfast, covered in yogurt.

Who will get the last grape? My money's on the Bug.

She's happiest at the supper table!

"Mommy actually got my hair in pigtails!"

Lola learns to share her space.

"Going shopping! Be back later!!!

Lydie's new ride! Daddy found the last sled in town.

"Mush, Father, mush!!!"

Just like in her wagon, she loves to be pulled.

She did not want to stop!

Another lap.

Once her cheeks got this color, we decided to call it a day. I'm sure we'll be back at it tomorrow.