August, 2012
July, 2012
Lydia's birthday, 2012
A kitchen crime spree
A very quick January 2011 update
Road Trip update
Baptism update
March update
February update
Quick January recap
Pure awesomeness update
Quick December recap
Lydie's southern accent!
Apples and smiles
More fun with the new one!
Hanging out around the house.
Autumn in Michigan.
My Girls!
The joyful times a new baby brings!
A kiss...
Meeting Della Carina Helfrich
I'd like you to meet someone...
Summer 2009 update
Talking and pizza update
May 22 update
Sandbox update
May Day update
Easter update
Spring is in the air update.
California Girl update.
February 22nd update.
Lydieball update.
Just another update.
Country girl update.
Winter Wonderland update.
A Long Walk update.
The spoon update.
Holidays update, part two.
Holidays update.
Guess who can walk update.
It's getting COLD out update.
Video update. A Bug's Morning.
Going back again... Bug's first vacation, days 4 and 5. Plus Halloween!
Going back a couple weeks... Tamale Day 2008
Happy Halloween!
A quick video of advancing dexterity.
The Best Update Ever. Make sure your sound is turned up.
A Bug's journey. Day 3!
Lydia on the road. Day 2!
Lydia's first vacation. Day 1!
October 6th update
Yeee-HAAA Michigan won! September 27th update
Ouch! We have teeth!
September 11th update
Lydia & Gordie
September 4th update
August 27th update
A Bug turns six months old
August 8th update
August 7th update
August 5th update
July 29th update
July 24th update
July 22nd update
July 16th update
Super HUGE 4th of July weekend & "I'm 5 months old today" update
June 29th update
June 19th update
Lydia's End of Spring Update
Video Update
Four Months Old Super Big update update
Triple Crown Denied One Picture update
Stanley Cup update
June 4th update
May 27th update
May 21st milestone update
May 20th update
May 13th update
A three-month retrospective
May 9th update
May 7th update
April 29th update
April 24: This update needs only one picture
April 21st update
April 20th update
April 17th update
April 9th update
Baptism update
March 22nd update
March 17th update
March 15th update
March 11th update
March 10th update
March 3rd update
February 26th update
February 22nd update
February 17th update
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