Up early on January 1st, playing with her alphabet train from Joanne and Pete.

All dressed up again for her second Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa!

She loves her baby, and she loves to walk.

"Hey, where is everyone?"

She is quite festive!

"Okay, this box has been under the tree for almost a month, let's get to it!"

"This is pretty big, is it a new car?"

A new cart for her toys! Looks like her baby's been the recipient of a few kisses!

"Hey Grandma, I got your nose!"

Grandpa watches Lydie high-step off with her new cart.

"Hey, how many hits did my website get today?"

Wow is she getting big. Time sure flies.

"Okay baby, I'm only going to ask you once, where's my pacifier!?!"

"Hey where's my Count With Me book?"

"Ahh, here it is..."