"Hey,when did this little village spring up? I'd be pretty tall if I lived there!"

Watching the snow... waiting to go Christmas shopping with Daddy.

The family hunts for the perfect tree.

Hanging out with Aunt Sheila at Ralphie's birthday party.

Mommy tries to keep control of the wild child.

The Bug in a box.

The cookie decorating party. Lydie is the one covered in spaghetti sauce.

Our little Christmas ham.

Aunt Sheila feeds the Bug some cheese, and almost loses a finger.

"Aww, what a cute little..."


Back at the cheese table, with Aunt Jenny.

Mimi and her girls.

Taking a walk with her Christmas bear from Aunt Christina.

"Hey, get in here. You'll freeze out there!"

New Year's Eve, watching the other kids got her a little riled up.