"Better set me up with another milk, Daddy. It's gonna be a long day."

"What are YOU lookin' at?"

"Cheerios make breakfast FUN!"

Such a pretty little girl.

Bug's first Thanksgiving.

"Oh, what a lovely tower Daddy built."

"Not very structurally sound though..."

"Uncle Nat is teaching me to fly!"

"The giraffe goes "RAWRRR! ...uhh ...right?"

"Dressing me is no longer an easy task."

"Grandma, you're so silly."

"Just call me Svetlana."

We got a stander, and a Christmas tree lover.

"Oh NO! When did that kid learn to stand?"

"I see a Michigan snowman, and a beer truck, and Homer Simpson... Did Daddy pick out ALL of these ornaments?"

"It's not such a bad little tree."

"I haven't seen weather like this since I was little!"