Saddle up pardners, it's time for another update.

"Yeee haa! Wow, this is one pokey pony..."

Lydie meets the biggest dog she's ever seen. (Except for Peanut)

Let the record show, Lydia has selected the next Helfrich family dog.

And the next Helfrich family cow. (uh oh)

Daddy and Lydia feed the goats as Uncle Nat watches from a safe distance.

Suddenly we're very popular...

Someone always has to ruin it for everyone else.

"I'll feed this one..."

Grandpa and Lydie spot the honking geese.

Mistaking them for ducks, Lydie makes an attempt to join the flock!

Grandma and Lydia find some rare Michigan winter sunshine.

(for you nervous folks, Daddy is just off camera)

After a great second visit to Domino's Farms, Lydia reminds Mommy of her choice for her next dog.