The first four days of this trip, Bug and I were trapped in a hotel room in San Francisco.
This is a rare shot of her sleeping. We will not speak much of this half of the trip.

Lydie and Mommy in front of some bridge.

Lydia and Mommy walk around Sausalito. Okay, this portion of the trip is over.

Okay, on to the fun stuff! Anne and Bill's. Lydia enjoys a tub with Hallo.

Hallo ponders the faucet, Lydia entices Laidley.

Hallo looking cute as can be. Lydia rethinking Laidley's invitation.

And on to the synchronized swimming portion of the bath.

After their bath, a raucous, rather naked dance broke out.

Lydia starts up a conga line.

It just kept getting louder and louder...

Until a kiss good night.

Anne, Hallo and Lydia play on the floor.

Daddy and the Bug feed some goats. Seems we feed a lot of animals together.

Old Faithful, Calistoga version.

A winery picnic, Lydia nabs a pretzel.

It's extremely rare for Lydia to see water and not stick her hand in it.

My new favorite picture. Ever. Is this my girl or what?

A skirt can make a fetching veil.

The Bug bundled up for a jeep ride. And then there's Maude...

Lydia and Hallo ready to roll!

"Excuse me... are we leaving anytime soon?"

Three beauties!

Bill, Laidley, Lydie and Yo in the front seat.

Warren and Anne lead the way through the vineyard.

Lydie really looked up to Hallo.

And Hallo's pretzels.

Checking out the reservoir.

"Oh, I see you have a pretzel!"

They were so cute together.

Lydia talks to the mustard.

Kissing cousins.

We didn't have the heart to tell the Bug that this wasn't a horse.

Lydie gets a view from above of the ranch.

Could it be... Lydia's favorite animal? Ducks!

Daddy and Lydia ponder relocating.

"Daddy, do we ever have to leave Napa?"