For Lydie's first birthday, Mommy made her the most beautiful cake!

Lydia and Grandma ask Gabe to play dolls. Gabe, spotting the camera, seems hesitant.

Bug greets her guests, here's Matt!

Her present from Mommy and Daddy.

The Foxes know who's ONE!

The birthday girl!

Uncle Chip, Aunt Christina, and Miss B (and somewhere Ralphie) know who's ONE!

Aunt Sheila knows who's ONE!

Olivia and Jackson know who's ONE!

Deb knows who's ONE!

Scott knows who's ONE!

Mommy and Uncle John know who's ONE!

Tearing through presents with Aunt Christina.

Joanne's balloons were a big hit with the Bug (and Jenny and Jakey).

The first party shout!

During all the birthday fuss, Juju wonders if she could secretly stick her finger in the frosting.

Lydie gets a beautiful painting from Olivia.

Uncle Nat gets a front row seat for the festivities.

Uncle Zac and Mommy know who's ONE!

Lydia rides her Mommy's old horse, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.

Jacqueline, Joanne and Julianne know who's ONE!

Pete and Lydie are best pals from way back.

Lydie reads her card from Charlotte with the Thomas family.

Grandma knows who's ONE!

Uncle Nat knows who's ONE!

Grandpa knows who's ONE!

Monica and Mimi know who's ONE!

Nathan and Mimi (again) know who's ONE!

And Mommy and Daddy definitely know who's ONE!

Lydia knows whose tamales are #1! (Daddy's)

Jakey and Uncle Dan know who's ONE!

Later, Lydia discovers the hazards of party balloons.