It's possible she's gaining weight...

Napping in a new outfit... Thanks Miss Jennifer!

Her beautiful new quilt from Grandma!

Lydia Mayme Helfrich and Great-Grandma Mayme Ledvina

Lydie's big day with her parents and Godparents

Godparents Joanne and Pete

Clockwise; Mom, Joanne, Lydia, Pete, Dad, Brock, Jacqueline & Julianne!

Lydia has so many great female role models.

And hey, the men in her life are pretty okay too!

Lydia with Father John, at about the time her patience was wearing thin...

Papa notices Lydia has had enough pictures taken of her.

Mimi's so proud of her little one.

After a long day, it's so nice to have a Great-Grandma to nap on.

Four generations of Ledvina women.

"Grazie, Godfather."