Like her father, Lydia considers remote controls the height of human achievement.

"Let's see if I can work this thing..."

"Oooo... I don't think I've seen this Seinfeld before..."

Time for a swim!

Up north with Uncle Nat.

This is the new face she loves to make. Don't ask...

Mayme Ledvina and Lydia Mayme Helfrich reunite.

Okay, I THINK this is a baby who wants out of her play pen.

Cute little bug.

Lydia kisses Great Grandma...

and gets a kiss back.

Meeting Aunt Kathy...

and Uncle John.

One of my favorite parts of the day is dressing her.

I had to include the bow to "girl this outfit up" a bit.

Miss Helfrich in her first piano duet.

Nathan's talent fills her with awe...

Mimi loves her Lydie.