FINALLY getting a nice head of hair!

"Ummm, is there an easier level than Beginner?"

And for the third consecutive month, a Helfrich birthday.

Lydia gives Della her piano lessons.

"Della, you're doing GREAT!"

Six months old, time to have some solids!

Della plays with good ol' Sammy!

And then there's these two ham bones!

Lydia "helping" Della with her pacifier.

"Here, smell this flower!"

Spring has finally sprung here in March!

This dress seems to make babies really happy!

Craft time with Mommy.

And the new sun hats...

For both of them!

Della's much more stable sitting up now.

Lydia and The King.

Sometimes it takes a tickle to get a smile for the camera

Sometimes not.

Tub time!

This is another reason why we have a lab, and not a pit bull.

"Let me just pull this here and stick my finger here!"

And that was March at the Helfrich house!