This was a snowy day game I set up to keep the girls busy.

With Della's pterodactyl-like wing span, she was able to play too.

The game ended when Lydia started doing shots and drank all the water.

And of course someone has a birthday in February. Ahhh, there's one at every party!

"A Lightning McQueen cake?!?"

"TWO cakes?!?"

Let's eat!

Lydia's quite the hostess.

She feeds everybody!

And her parents love her very much!

Even when she's a mess!

"Oh it's lovely!"

Grandma and her granddaughters.

The princess castle proved to be a popular gift.

Check out this happy couple. Must be meal time!

There is nothing as peaceful as a napping Della.

"Pssst, hey... want a cracker?"

Snow, we don't miss you one bit around here!

Taking a break to warm up.

A real live snow angel.

This was her mother's idea. I had nothing to do with it.

Our Baby D.

"Oh Hi Daddy, I'll be done as soon as I finish blogging."

"Of course I know how to sit up!"

And we gripe about more stupid snow.

"Of course I know how to stand!"