Lydia, in an outfit that defies description, takes in a few pages of Monsters, Inc.

And Baby D catches a nap.

"I'd give you one of these raisins, but you can't have food yet. Plus... I don't want to."

A trip to Ikea. Anyone got a spare napkin?


"Oh no! There's a baby in my play pen!"

A meeting of the minds with Uncle John.

Snacking on a cheeto at Aunt Gigi's.

Two bald heads.

Nathan, Jackson, Olivia, Lydia, Daddy, Lulu and Jakey and some winter trampoline fun.

Cheek to cheek with Mimi!

Three beauties (and a dimwit)

Ooh la la! It's Baby Della and Pierre Ignash.

The aunts mugging for Baby D.