With Baby D around, there is never a shortage of smiles.

Seriously, this is the happiest baby you'll ever meet!

I'm not exaggerating!

Lydia checks out the Helfrich family Christmas tree, 2009 edition.

"Happy birthday, Mimi!"

Della gives Jakey some smiles.

A Christmas pizza party with Lulu.

This is why we child-proofed the pantry.

Gina watches as Lydia leaves Santa a cookie on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve dinner.

The cookie worked! Lydia and Della's new kitchen.

Nat and Lydia take a break from the holiday action.

Christmas dinner, Lydia checks out the crown roast.

"Pop Pop, I don't think you want to try Chicago to Santa Fe this late in the game!"

Grandma and Baby Della.

Della and Aunt Shirley. Aunt Shirley's mother's name? Della!

Strike a pose!

Amelia and Lydia, the little drummer girls.

These two are getting to be best friends.

Livvy and Aunt Sheila get some Della time...

...until Mimi, Aunt Jenny and Uncle John kidnap her!

Some of the sweetest kisses are the ones you don't see coming.

Not your typical sled.

But they loved it!

Our little sweetheart. January update coming soon!