Uncle Dan, Aunt Monica, Charlotte, Vivian and David come to visit and bring great food and gifts!

Uncle Nat, or as Lydia calls him, "Uh Naht!"

Now an uncle twice over!

The silly one.

Mimi and the napping Della.

This is pretty close to a smile, wouldn't you say?

This... not so much.

Lydie commandeers Casa de Otis.

Dreaming sweet dreams...

It took about 5 minutes of pleading to get Mimi on the horse, then Lydia immediately has
second thoughts. "No, Mimi, no."

Walking all over Daddy.

Lydie sighs at having to wear her boots out in the rain.

Leaves, or as Lydia calls them, "YEEPS!"

The Helfrich's smiling through another sub-par season.

"Hey, they aren't going to lose 9 games the year I'm born!"

"Hey watch it, Della, I produced a Stanley Cup!"

Our happy baby.