Pete and Joanne, some of the great friends we have who brought over food and visited Della!

A whole gaggle of Thomases!

Lydia steals a shoe from each of the twins.

Such a sweetheart.

Della dreams of Otis trying to jump on her.

You have to respect a kid who can pull off this outfit.

My baby.

Lydia has attitude to spare. We can her the Little General.


The Belly.

Sometimes you can be trapped for hours under a sleeping Della.

"Oh hello!"

Stroller ride!

Someone dumped water on herself on the way to the cider mill. I won't say who.

"Umm, excuse me! It was my understanding there would be hay rides!"

Hey I know that worm!

Della, all bundled up!

Lydie loves leaves.

"Wake up Della, they're making cider!"

Ahh Michigan in the fall...

The Helfrich family at the cider mill.

Sharing an apple.

"If you lived at our house, you'd be squirrel food!"

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin.