Hanging with Daddy on a Saturday, waiting for Della.

The future botanist.

Passing time in the hospital, waiting to take Della home.

Della's aunts meet the new girl!

Aunt "Gigi" Jenny

Aunt "Sheesha" Sheila

Under Daddy's watchful eye, Lydia holds her baby sister!

She's finally home!

Not quite the head of hair her sister had!

But every bit as sweet!

I'll never get tired of this.

Lydia and Pop-Pop follow the adventures of Olivia the Pig.

The double stroller is a big hit!

Another nap...

She's still tired from the move!

Mimi and Jakey check out Della.

Della Carina and her wonderful grandmothers.

Snoozing on Mommy. (This girl is sleepy!)

Meeting Peggy and Benji!

Grandpa and the napping Della.

That first bath at home, always a shock!

Sarah, Gabe and Matt meet the always sleepy Della (and Lydie!)

And one of my favorite little sweethearts, Amelia, stops by!

Fall's coming, but Lydia finds a flower in the wilting garden.

Amelia and Lydia having a blast!

And the happiest and cutest new baby boy around, Samuel!

Lydie and Amelia bonding at the great dinner Uncle Zac and Aunt Kim made for all eight of us!

Amelia thinks Lydia's monkey impression is quite hysterical!

And the center of attention, my sweetie, little Della Helfrich.